• Do you compare yourself to other women and never stack up?
  • ​Do You feel you have no energy, and have lost the woman you used to be?
  • ​Are you struggling to stop fat from storing on your body - particularly your belly!
  • ​Do you feel you have no control over hormones and the way they make you feel? 
  • ​Is life throwing you challenging curve-balls, often leaving you overwhelmed?
  • ​Are you living under a cloud of stress..... or chronic stress?
  • ​Do you experience body aches and pains for no reason?
  • ​Do you suffer random attacks of anxiety, teariness, anger, frustration or depression?
  • ​Do you ask yourself....  "Is this all there is for me"?
  • Do you make excuses to stay doing what you're doing - because now's not the right time to make change?

  It's hard enough to have to cope with hormonal challenges that see you sleep deprived, feeling exhausted,  
  feeling overwhelmed, or just fed up......  but to have no control around changes to your body shape, skin
  texture, negative head chatter, and aches and pains -  well no wonder you lack motivation, feel supressed, or 
  have lost your confidence around just how sensational you truly are.

  Getting your body back into shape, regaining internal and external strength, and reclaiming your mojo does
  not have to be a struggle, nor should it make you uncomfortable, or create a fear of failing within you. You
  see....., when you believe in yourself again and have a clear plan to take back your control, old beliefs and
  influences won't lower your self value, food will not control you and the dial on your scales will not define

  Being everything to everyone, comparing yourself to others, and rehashing experiences from the past is not
  fair on you. 

  Now's the time to reclaim your self-esteem, believe you have the power, re-ignite your energy for a fantastic
  life ahead for you, and have us support you through each transformational step over the next 10 weeks.

  It's time to repurpose your life...... so you live it EXACTLY the way you want to.

  Break old habits, redirect emotion so it empowers you, strengthen and shape your body, and live your life
  confident, strong, and free.


Turn Your Life Around With Proven Steps Designed For You -  A Woman Over 40 Who's Routine Of Life And Ingrained Habits Have Taken Over Your Mindset, Your Body, And Have Got You Feeling Like A Hampster In A Spinning Wheel

It's so easy to lose your identity and give in to the head chatter that is constantly trying to bring you down. The negative voices telling you you're not as good as "she" is, you look horrible, you're pathetic, you can't do anything right, you're a failure!!! 

Your head talk visits you every day, and it's been allowed to tell you untruths - false stories - constantly.  Those regular visits of self sabotage are what's holding you back from living your life your way.  Living in the body you want with the enrgy and passion for life that you used to have. 

We teach you how to take control of those voices so you reclaim your self.  Take action to shape up, strengthen your body, and repurpose yourself to live YOUR life YOUR way.

Break the shackles that are holding you hostage and learn the formula to managing your mindset, changing your body shape, and building the confidence of loving just how wonderful you are.
Can You Imagine What Your Life Will Be Like When You 
  • Stop torturing yourself with horrible self talk
  • ​Get your body in shape to you don't feel ashamed or hopeless anymore
  • ​Are able to get through your day with a clear head and sharp mind
  • ​Wake up rested and feeling energised for the day ahead
  • Look in the mirror and truly liking your reflection
  • ​Feel confident to step out in the world feeling equal and free
  • ​Have a repurposed plan,  to experience and have the things you WANT in life
  • ​Do away with excuses or blame, and live each day with energy and confidence
  • ​Feel understood and supported

Reset clear goals.... Redefine your power and strength.... Reignite your energy

Build your self-esteem, do away with excuses, lose weight sensibly and permanently by investing in a success formula for women over 50. 
Become A Slender Boss Woman - And Enjoy Your Journey Ahead
Because These Will Be The Best Years Of Your Life
  • Over 130,000 women have discovered this proven formula.
  • Slender Boss offers a successful 3 step system for women over 50 drive themselves to the healthy, fit life they want in just 10 weeks, and continue to permanently improve their mindset and self worth so they are living THEIR life... THEIR way.
  • Love your age and love your new found strength, fitness and tone
  • ​Be confident that a healthy body fights off disease and reduces or prevent medication
  • ​Change beliefs and habits
  • ​Don't fall back on reoccurring excuses
  • ​Live each day with amazing energy
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Turn Your Life Around....
Do away with underlying fear, blame, excuses, feeling undervalued, and wondering if life ahead is just more of what you have just experienced
You Can Have a toned, fit body body, value yourself and strengthen your mindset, and peace of mind that your health withh fight pain and possible didease.

Have what it is You Want (and Deserve)
In Just 10 Weeks

EVERYTHING You'll Receive
  • ​12 x weekly 2 x 1 hour Live FB group calls with Louise       (Value = $1800)
  • ​12 x weekly 1 hour Live FB group Cally with Nutritionist - Heather    (Value = $997
  • ​Step by Step  Modules of Incredibly Valuable teachings and resolution strategies for
  • ​Strengthening mindset/emotion,
  • ​Nutrition step by step plan,
  • ​An array of tasty healthy recipes you and the family will love,
  • ​Example weekly food plan with eating structure,
  • ​​Home based strength and fitness building exercises 
  • ​Gut health management + more    (Value = $997)
  • ​Vegetarian E-Cookbook                     (Value =  $35)
  • ​Pantry Clean Out & Restock Guide (Value =  $27)
  • ​14 Day Self-esteem Plan                    (Value = $17)
  • ​BONUS: Kettle Fit Boss Workout Program                                                (Value = $ 77)
  • ​BONUS: Amazon No.1 Bestselling Book - Hot Flush To Hot Body In Just 6 Weeks  (Value = $47)
RECEIVE:  Mood Food Move Tracker
With every new day comes new emotions, experiences, stressors, and events that can throw your perfect plans out the window if you have no firm daily direction.

Starting your day with affirmed purpose and with a motivated mindset will make you unstoppable. Then to record your daily physical movement makes you accountable and shapes and tones your muscles while stripping excess body fat. Knowing what foods you will prepare for the day will keep you on track to super speed your results. This is a must have success tool.
$17 Value 

RECEIVE: Pantry Cleanout And Re-stock Guide

Your pantry could either support your weight loss and health success, or break your goals adding to your frustration to manage your weight.

This Pantry Clean Out and Restock Guide supports you to shop for products that are going to serve you and your family.
It teaches you which foods are going to balance your hormones, provide energy, and burn fat. 

Toss out the foods that are sabotaging your ability to lose weight and restock with foods that are going to make you a slender kitchen queen. A powerful transitional step.
 $27 Value

RECEIVE: 14 Day Self Esteem Plan

This bible of goodness offers you step by step, day by day strategies to motivate, inspire and drive you to step into your day with passion and purpose.

Start each day with simple stretches that you can do while still laying in bed. Your daily affirmations restore self belief and creates strong self confidence and a sense of new found strength, ability and power. 
$17 Value


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Receive the Kettle Fit Boss Program absolutely free when you 
enrol today to transform your health and your life with the 
Slender Boss Program. Strengthen, sculpt, define, and sexify 
your body overnight with the Kettle Fit Boss Program.
Kettle Fit Boss Program 
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Hot Flush To Hot Body - In Just 6 Weeks

Knowing your body shape, which foods positively stimulate your glands , and which foods aggravate your glands causing them to become toxic, is your secret weapon against weight gain through menopause.

- Live Your Life, Your Way - 


  • ​12 Weekly 2 x 1hr Group Live Accountability Calls with Louise........................(Value = $1800)
  • ​​12 Weekly 2 x 1hr Group Live Nutrition Calls with Heather  ............................(Value = $  997)
  • ​Step by Step Modules on Mindset Mastery, Nutrition, Fitness, + more...........(Value = $  997)
  • ​Kettle Fit Boss Program........................................................................................(Value = $    77)
  • ​Vegetarian Cookbook ..........................................................................................(Value =  $    35)
  • ​​Pantry Clean Out Guide........................................................................................(Value = $    27)
  • ​14 Day Self Esteem Plan........................................................................................(Value = $    17)
  • ​Amazon No.1 Bestselling Book - Hot Flush To Hot Body In Just 6 Weeks .......  (Value = $     47)

Total Value:  $3997

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If You Continue To Do What You've Always Done...... 
You'll Stay Stuck Where You Are Right Now

Break The Shackles That Have Been Holding You Back, And Get The Freedom Steps You Need To Revalue How Amazing You Are Live Life Above The Wellness Line

With Slender Boss You Will Speak With Louise Every Week........

  • Never compare yourself to anyone ever again
  • ​Shut the door to the past and create your amazing journey forward
  • ​Learn which foods improve a maturing woman's hormones 
  • ​Use food and fitness to strengthen your body and sharpen your mind
  • Live your life in fact and truth and experience a daily self "high"
  • ​Experience change in as little as 7 days
  • ​Build your body's immunity to fight inflammation, joint and muscle pain
  • ​Do away with excuses and take complete control of your future life. 


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Turn Your Life Around.... Low self esteem, fear, blame, excuses, feeling undervalued have been keeping you stuck.  
You Will Have The Body, Mindset And Health You Want (and Deserve)
In Just 12 Weeks

  • ​12 wkly 2 x 1 FB Live group calls  (Value = $1800)
  • ​12 x weekly Nutrition calls              (Value = $997)
  • Step by Step  Modules of Incredibly Valuable teachings and resolution strategies                      for improving mindset/emotion,                     eating habits, eating plan, fresh                               food recipes, at home strength                                 and fitness building exercises        (Value = $997)
  • ​Kettle Fit Boss Workout Program   (Value = $ 77)
  • ​Vegetarian Cookbook                         (Value = $35)
  • ​Pantry Clean Out & Restock Guide (Value = $27)
  • ​14 Day Self-esteem Plan                    (Value = $17)
  • ​Amazon No.1 Bestselling Book - Hot Flush To Hot Body In Just 6 Weeks                  (Value = $47)
If you follow the program precisely and don't lose cm's from your body,  or do not design a plan to move forward with passion and purpose, we are prepared to give you your money back in full.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
The Slender Boss Transformation Program Is The Last Program You Will Ever Go On 
Take The Leap Of Faith And Put The Risk Back On Us! 
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